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ITAD & Asset Resale
Premier Asset
Resale Management
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Equipment Leasing

All types of IT, Copy/Print, Material Handling, Industrial, Manufacturing and Capital Equipment.

Fleet Management

Fleet optimization and flexibility to increase fleet efficiency and reduce costs.

ITAD and Asset Resale

Premier ITAD and asset resale services assuring maximum return on capital assets and sustainable recycling.

Equipment Leasing

Merrimak is the industry’s leading full service equipment management company and equipment lessor. Key areas of equipment focus include Material Handling Equipment, Tractors and Trailers, MFP (Copy & Print), IT, Mobility, Machine Tools, Manufacturing Equipment, Test Equipment, Solar Equipment and Capital Equipment.

Fleet Management

Merrimak Fleet Management empowers corporations and individuals to gain better insight of equipment efficiency by collecting, selecting, analyzing and reporting data while providing fleet optimization and flexibility at the lowest cost for equipment use.

ITAD and Asset Resale

Merrimak is the premier ITAD and asset resale company, assuring maximum return on capital equipment with certified data eradication and socially responsible recycling accreditations. With international operations, we remarket and recycle equipment across the globe.

Asset Tracking

Merrimak’s proprietary and web-based Asset Tracking tool currently tracks thousands of assets regardless of lessor through the real-time software.  The custom asset tracking portal accommodates easy, expedient and real-time equipment returns and evaluations.

Global Solutions

Merrimak is a global service provider, operating foreign subsidiaries leasing equipment and providing investment recovery services across the globe.

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About Us

Merrimak Capital Company, LLC is the Industry leading full-service equipment management company and equipment lessor providing global solutions.

Supplier Diversity

Certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, Merrimak proudly provides Tier I or Tier II Diversity Spend Credit