As Seen In WCEO June 2016: Merrimak Capital Brings Efficiency and Innovation to Equipment Leasing and Management Services

In today’s market, the status quo no longer exists. Instead, businesses need to constantly evolve, always looking for better ways to operate and effectively service the customer base. It’s the organizations that understand the need for constant evolution that will surface as the leaders in the new digital economy.

Merrimak Capital is a prime example. As a rapidly growing company, Merrimak evolves by adding to and/or improving its current service offerings. Merrimak has expeditiously expanded its global operations and successfully launched Merrimak Capital Mexico, which upon inception was awarded multimillion-dollar contracts. The company also continues to expand its global reach, actively providing services throughout South America, Canada, Europe and Asia.

As a full-service equipment lessor and asset recovery company, Merrimak uses its expertise in the secondary market to provide comprehensive equipment management. In addition to these services, Merrimak offers technology management for IT, copier/print, cellular devices and fleet management services for material handling and department of transportation-registered vehicles, providing detailed utilization studies and recommendations to maximize fleet efficiency.

The company manages the full equipment lifecycle, maximizing resale values, and providing sustainable recycling services. Merrimak continues to enter new markets, provide solutions and create innovative product offerings. In theory, the leasing business is a pre-established monotonous industry. “At Merrimak, the environment is exhilarating, full of innovation and entrepreneurship; working at Merrimak is truly fun and exciting.” said CEO Mary Kariotis. “We serve our customers as a united team and all employees are aware of this. We are all committed to 100-percent customer satisfaction in conjunction with maintaining our rapid company growth. This is a benefit not just for our customers but our employees as they have the opportunity for true professional development and advancement.”

Merrimak is not only facing challenges surrounding the growing digital economy, but with FASB 13 (off balance sheet accounting) reformation which will go into effect in 2019, as well. As a counterbalance, Merrimak is offering its lessees on-demand financial solutions allowing for real-time decisions surrounding software, IT and material handling acquisitions. “This strategy allows equipment to be acquired and treated as an operating expense despite the ruling changes with off-balance-sheet accounting that will eliminate leases to be treated as an operating expense,” said Kariotis.

Merrimak continues to provide services that allow for outcome-based decisions, while integrating services with the required hardware acquisitions, explains Kariotis. “We see this strategy as the way of the future, in addition to its assurance for further successes and to continue on its path of unprecedented growth.”

Merrimak will continue to evolve as an industry leader competing in the global marketplace. “We expect that the products and services we represent to our customers today will strengthen tomorrow’s partnerships and our long-term relationships,” she said. “We continue to bring innovation to our marketplace with solutions and strategies that drive tangible cost savings.”

Kariotis also expresses her gratitude for ongoing supplier diversity programs, which have been the platform feeding Merrimak’s rapid growth and expansion. “Through the supplier diversity initiatives, Merrimak’s exposure to corporate supply chain has allowed the company to actively engage over 70 corporate accounts,” she said. “We recognize we must earn business strictly on our own merits, but supplier diversity advocates create the path which allow for our current and future successes.”

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