Case Study

Example Five: Materials Handling Equipment

Merrimak is amongst a select and exclusive group of approved lessors to provide pricing on materials handling opportunities almost daily for one of  the largest private corporations in America. Merrimak is awarded approximately 30% of the assets it bids on, earning millions of dollars in annual awards proving its ability to perform under the most competitive circumstances. Merrimak’s proactive lease management and transparency has led this lessee to utilize Merrimak to suggest documentation language for best practices as new challenges arise. Merrimak’s in-house refurbishment and remarking capabilities allow for favorable return provisions.  Merrimak’s acceptance of normal wear and tear without passing additional costs on to the lessee is standard operating procedure.  Our in-house remarketing capabilities also allow Merrimak to competitively accommodate early equipment terminations for early returns.  Merrimak provides proactive end of term lease management providing the customer with the time needed to order replacement equipment ensuring that the decision to lease with Merrimak proves to be the lowest cost of equipment use.