Merrimak Capital, a premier independent lessor, provides equipment leasing services and asset tracking for the largest corporations in America, higher education institutions, and the country’s most prominent medical facilities. Our customer focus is on profitable and established entities that provide products of essential use with inherent stability; ensuring Merrimak’s long term sustainability coupled with the company’s ability to provide premier customer service. For over two decades Merrimak has established valued and trusted relationships to provide flexible financial solutions, strategies that perfect capital equipment portfolios, and ultimately provide solutions that make our customers decision to lease the lowest cost of equipment use – a directive for Merrimak from the highest levels of management. From lease origination through asset management and disposal, our services are expressly tailored to our customers’ unique and evolving needs.

Statistics tell our story. For many years, we have enjoyed an unprecedented customer retention rate of 80% or more. For us, it’s all about building deep relationships with those we serve – and abiding by our Three Guiding Principles of continuous innovation: Transparent Processes, Competitive Pricing, and Sustainable Practices.